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Estate litigation

Estate Litigation involves the process, in court, whereby the decedent’s assets are distributed in an administration (without a Will) or in a probate (with a Will). Basically, someone goes to the court to claim property or to take care of the estate by distributing the assets to the heirs/beneficiaries.

probate the Will

The first thing that they need to do is prove the validity of the Will (probate the Will) or administer the estate where there is no Will. There is an intricate assessment of facts and circumstances in order to determine the validity of a Will, which includes considerations regarding the testamentary capacity that the decedent had at the time of execution of the Will and regarding the legal requirements of a Will.

One fact or circumstance in one case can cause that Will to be invalid. If there is no Will, similarly, one fact or circumstance may be dispositive to the resulting distribution, such as a claimant asserting that the decedent told him, in fact, that the property would go to him. One fact or circumstance in one case can cause the resulting distribution to go to one person or another.

In order to gain an appreciation of the actual legal consequences surrounding your particular litigation issue, speaking with an attorney may be invaluable to obtain what you deserve. Us attorneys understand how to present the case as favorably for you as we can.

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Estate Planning – No-Contest Clause


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Vanessa A. | Elder Law & Estate Planning


I honestly cannot say enough good things about Attorney Yandy Reyes! From the moment you start speaking to him, you sense his kind spirit. He is extremely knowledgeable in the law and is very excellent at explaining things in very simple terms. He is very honest and respectful of his client.

Jacueline A. | Elder Law & Estate Planning


We started out seeking advise for a matter related to elder abuse. In talking things through with him, the importance of advance planning and preparation became crystal clear. He is not your stereotypical attorney. He is in this business for the good of the community and we truly appreciate the time he spent with us.

Ruth F. | Legal Services


We experienced professional expertise, compassion and kindness that were beyond the letter of the law, and the spirit of Godliness that unites all of humanity.

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Attorney Reyes came with the intentions of helping people. He turned a case in which I had no idea about [its potential] into a significant payout for myself with little work on my behalf. He managed to get the most out of it. I thought I was going to get nothing but he turned the case around and it helped me in a huge way. All I had to do was sign on the dotted line.I am much appreciative of him and look forward to working with him in the future. He should’ve come to me sooner. Highly recommend him.

 Estate Planning and Litigation

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between litigation of a probate (with a Will) and of an administration (without a Will)?

The main difference between the both situations is that after the court establishes that a Will is valid, the terms of the Will dictate the distributions. When there is no Will, the government default plan kicks in for the proper person to inherit from the decedent. The main fundamental difference is that when there is no Will there may be a risk that a claim arises as related to the intent of the decedent that may supersede the intestacy laws. To say another way, there may be evidence sufficient to override the state default laws by showing that the decedent actually meant a different distribution. That evidence may harm your chances of recovery, and you should consult an attorney to assess it for you. If interested in learning more, click here.

What can I do if I do not receive anything under the terms of my family member’s Will?

Heirs at law, including spouses, children, parents and other family members, have standing to contest a Will if they are left out of the decedent’s Will, especially when they believe the Will did not reflect the decedent’s wishes. If you believe that you have specific grounds for contesting a Will, you may wish to click here to schedule an appointment. We would be able to assess your contest, tell you what to expect, and what are the strengths (and weaknesses, if any) of your contest. We can consult you regarding the best course of action, considering past similar situations, so that you can leverage your position.

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