There are three facts that are universally, indisputably applicable to all of us. All knowledge that a person possesses (or lack thereof) falls into three categories: 

(1)  Known, knowns;

(2)  Known, unknowns; and

(3)  Unknown, unknowns.

To explain, the first are facts, systems, methods, etc. that individually we know that we know. For instance, in your given profession or trade, such as a doctor, lawyer, plumber etc., you know what you know, and you are able to learn more depending on your specific knowledge base and experience level. A doctor knows how to diagnose X, Y, and/or Z medical conditions/illness depending on certain factual, physical symptoms; a lawyer knows the best legal, ethical (and gainful and cost-effective) recourse depending on the specific individualized facts and circumstances present—based on precedents or justifiable change in law; a plumber knows how to fix the specific tubing problems present at a given time. 

Those same individuals know the limitations in their knowledge and experience base—that is, they know what they do not know, the “Known, unknowns.” For instance, the doctor knows whether he is capable diagnose outside his scope of practice; the pilot knows whether he can fly a different type of aircraft and/or helicopter; a lawyer knows whether the given facts and circumstances are beyond his skill level; and the plumber knows whether the issue is beyond plumbing.

Both of these situations are easily identified for those who practice a skill and/or trade. The scary fact is the third “Unknown, unknowns” situations. 

Those are situations whereby you do not even know, what you do not know. To say another way, there are situations where the underlying facts are so complex and/or incomprehensible (based on unaddressed self-ignorance) that we are ignorant of the possibilities, of the potential issues, of the potential costs, expenses, and hardships involved. These are situations where we have not invested the Time, Energy, Attention, and/or Money to comprehend the situation, such as by educating ourselves on that situation. Clearly, I am a lawyer without training or education in science as required of the medical profession. If someone came to me and told me that he had a tummy ache, I would be unable to feel the belly and other physical symptoms to discern a cause. That is what a medical doctor can do. Clearly also, left untreated, the symptoms may worsen without the assistance of that professional. The obvious solution to physical pain is a doctor to “FIX IT.”

An example of that “Unknown, unknown” that is too common is when we go for an oil change for our cars in an auto shop, yet the mechanic starts to point out all the other things wrong with the car—such as that air condition filter. When we do not know any better, we must accept the assessment of that person, or reject that assessment—i.e., change the filter or not change the filter, respectively.

Now, if you know about cars in that manner, then you are aware whether there exist/s actual issue/s, and, moreover, what consequences potentially exist for inaction. Everything hinges on what you know, and your own individual abilities. What that person has invested in terms of Time, Energy, Attention, and/or Money to learn is pivotal and dispositive to his understanding and results. The only other option is what someone is willing to explain to you so that you can actually see/comprehend regarding the depth of your particular situation. 

Simply, you cannot see what you do not comprehend, so the choice everyone makes (or lack thereof) is whether to ask for help (or not). Everyone. . . .

As applied in the law, there is an indispensable benefit in a Prospective Client (PC) discussing the legal (and ethical) options with an attorney, through a free, no obligation consultation. The best result, whether the PC becomes an actual client or not, is the empowerment of that individual to be able to notice the complications involved—that is, to learn from the lawyer those “Unknown, unknowns” before it is too late—so that the PC can make an informed, educated decision regarding the actions to take (or not take).

The best part of a discussion with an attorney is the powerful protections and opportunities Attorney-Client Privilege grants, allowing you to speak freely, honestly, without fear of judgment, of scorn, of humiliation, even without fear of shame. A safe-space, if you will. A space where we can reasonably and justifiably predict the future based on prior precedent. A discussion protected by privilege, whereby the courts recognize that compelled disclosure should never occur. Importantly, there are two other relationships, and thereby communications, that retain privilege too: specifically, the martial privilege and the clergy privilege.

Why do the higher powers enforce these privileges, inter alias, because there is a basic human understanding that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, we all need those few special persons to lean on. That is what a spouse does; that is what a priest does; and that is what an attorney does—and the government recognizes that the only way to do that effectively, the persons in-need require immutable protections. Without those privileges, it is too easy to imagine a reality where speech is preemptively hampered, and there is a chilling effect on a person’s ability to speak honestly.  

It is a blessing that the person is able to “tell it how it is,” and thereby embolden the attorney to recommend, advise, and/or educate regarding the available options, the favorable and unfavorable elements from each course of action, and prepare for each contingent situation, if engaged. 

At Re:Yes Law PLLC, we propose solutions to difficult situations you feel are particularly unique to you. We effectively educate you, delivering information in its most digestible, understandable manner. We do not speak “like a lawyer” (unless you want us to), because we are aware that that professional verbose manifestation does nothing but confuse and shame. 

At Re:Yes Law PLLC, we purposefully do not confuse or humiliate—instead, we empower you with advice™ so that you can make effective decisions. 

Re:Yes Solutions

Esquires, like myself, are essentially sworn into secrecy to you as soon as we speak with you—the strongest pinky-promise, if you will. Breaches of those vows corrected (and precluded) with sanctions. Those sanctions can be as severe as threats to our Ability to Practice Law. Therefore, we take it seriously. That privilege is among a few—a few recognized “go to” people, like a spouse in marital privilege, and like someone in a confession room in priest-penitent privilege. Simply, the privilege is sacred and allows us to really, really explore your options—in a way that no one else can; so much so that it is illegal to practice law without authorization. 

Again, the Attorney-Client Privilege is sacred. With that inextricable bond, you and the attorney from Re:Yes Law, will complete the following, with the Principal One & Done Goal Empowering You with Advice:

(D) We will establish what you know you want to happen upon your death;

(O) We will establish what you know you do not want to happen;

(N) We will explore what you do not currently know or do not understand, for whatever reason, allowing you to find out your true desired Outcome; and, inter alias,

(E) We will empower you with advice™ to make a Definitive Decision regarding your unique Estate Plan, a Time-Warp Touchdown (see Re:Yes Law Phoenix Logo to understand the reference); or we can chat about those options. 

I am the Esquire-Genie, if you allow the jest, who can grant that desired Outcome, as long as it is feasibly, legally, and ethically possible within the confines of the appropriate Laws, rules, and/or codes. 

Too easy: there are systems in place, that allow us, the smartest organism on this planet, to leave behind our own specifically-developed Legacies—to offer peace of mind to you, your friends, your family, and your loved ones, empowering you from beyond the grave™.

Re:Yes Law PLLC strives, without compromise, to provide a seamless experience. The Goal: empowering you with advice™ like the re-born Phoenix, fire-breath onto an Impervious Object, the Time-Warp Football. It contains a power that has been infused by the law firm, Re:Yes Law PLLC, by the powers granted by the respective Legal Authority, to create your final actions, your final Vision, your desired Outcome. 

If you have any questions or concerns, let’s chat. 

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Thank you,

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Yandy Reyes, Esq., NY Estate Planning Esquire/Attorney

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